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What would you do if your mind were dying?

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Date 2021-11-17

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    When you discover spouse infidelity, you suffer from excruciating psychological pain. You feel as if your whole life has collapsed and your marriage relationship has ended. When you express your pain to your spouse or other people, they cannot understand or imagine what you are going through since the pain is recognized only by yourself. Some people may even attempt to take advantage of your condition.

    You may attempt to take diverse measures to cope with the situation since you want to get out of pain of post traumatic stress and restore your psychology and relationship. Post traumatic stress is a signal that strong energy for getting out of pain and restoring psychology is in operation inside you. When the desire for restoration disappears and you decide to get a divorce, you don't feel pain any more. 

     Post traumatic stress develops when you are suddenly shocked by spouse infidelity while you are living happily with your family. People who think they have had a happy marriage and happy life are more susceptible to developing a severe type of post traumatic stress upon discovering spouse infidelity. People who do not develop post traumatic stress and get a divorce right after discovering spouse infidelity are likely to have had a problematic marriage relationship in the first place.

     When your body is sick with a disease, your body signals you to recover through getting a rest or taking medicine. When you have a cold, you would take measures to restore your health on your own. When the symptoms continue or worsen after taking diverse measures, you would seek professional advice at a hospital. If it turns out that you have developed a lung cancer, you would have to take a lot more time, effort, and expense to treat the disease. You may have to decide whether you will go with the treatment or choose to end your life in some serious cases. This decision can be made only by yourself.

     The same logic applies to the sickness of mind and psychology. When you recognize that you have psychological problems, it is your mind that signals you to take measures to restore healthy psychology. You would talk to your friends, go traveling, take up meditation, or listen to lectures to feel better. When the symptoms continue or worsen in spite of all your attempts, you would seek professional help. If you learn that you actually have developed post traumatic stress instead of mild psychological problems, you would have to decide whether you will start proper treatment or choose to let your mind die. When your mind dies, you will live the most miserable life destroying your life and lives of other people. When your mind dies, you lose interest or compassion toward other people and only pursue your own pleasure by all means. 

     You are strongly recommended to choose adequately treating post traumatic stress caused by spouse infidelity over letting your mind die. It will take a lot of time, effort, and expense as when you treat a lung cancer. It is only you yourself who can decide whether you will treat your condition or let your mind die.



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