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Do not easily give up the recovery of relationship with the husband.

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Date 2021-08-31

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Q : Is there any case when the recovery of the relationship with the husband should be given up? I think there was a video saying that there is a case where preparing quietly for a divorce action is needed. Does it mean that preparation for a divorce action and treatment should be done together?

A : The answer is no. Your husband is having an inappropriate relationship with another woman is due to compulsion when stress operates and desire for relieving this compulsion through her. It is just an operation of temporary moods, so there is no reason for you to easily give up the recovery of your relationship with him. Therefore, forget about him now and treat and recover yourself first. You must recover yourself first to make a place where your husband can come back when he realizes his problem.

If you do not treat yourself and give up your husband, those who will like you are going to be only men addicted to relationships in the future. These men who are addicted to relationships recognize women with wounds so well, which is why psychologically wounded women easily become women having inappropriate relationships with these men. Your life could be ruined in an instant. Like this, wounds caused by a spouse's infidelity are dangerous.

Thus, you must not give up the situation but get treatment for yourself first; then, you need to give him at least a chance for his recovery.

There is a saying that broken pottery can never be back in its original form by simply gluing its pieces. However, human beings are not pottery. Human beings can obliviate things and change past incidents to memory. Based on this, we can make values of better happiness. Thus, you should not give up easily but do what you can do with your best. By doing so, lingering affection for your husband will not bother you.

The case when you are told to prepare a divorce action quietly from the beginning is a very special case. In the process of treatment, your situation is checked once a week through emails; some of you would get an email saying that you need to start collecting evidence quietly. These people are preparing to knock their spouses out at once because their wound treatment is almost over. 

Wound treatment and preparation for a divorce action must not be done at the same time. Treatment comes first, and then the right time for the preparation for the divorce action is decided.




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