Will I become happy when I complete Infidelity Therapy?

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Date 2021-11-16

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Will I become happy when I complete Infidelity Therapy?

All your life including past, present, and future will become happy when you complete Infidelity Therapy. Believe it or not, even all the past wounds will become happy memories.

Most people suffer from extreme rage and wounds due to post traumatic stress when they discover spouse infidelity. When you complete Infidelity Therapy you will feel comfortable when you retrieve the memories of wounds and you can immediately transfer to feelings of happiness even when wounds are retrieved as negative feelings.

People who say that they are happy are not usually happy inside themselves. Truly happy people are satisfied with their feelings and do not feel any need to express their feelings through words. Happiness exists only inside yourself. You cannot find happiness when you do not know how to circulate and balance negative emotions and positive emotions properly. Infidelity Therapy will guide you to restore the balanced circulation of feelings. 

Everyone's life experiences are unique and experiences of post traumatic stress are unique, too. As you share your experiences with other people, you necessarily end up sharing wounds of everyone involved in the sharing. Even people who do not have their own wounds may accumulate wounds through the indirect experience of sharing.

Women's wounds are generated by memories of feelings and memories are stored along with facts. Keeping the facts and transforming feelings of wounds into feelings of happiness results in the cure of post traumatic stress. The application of this operational mechanism of mind has been found to expedite the process of restoring the balance of psychology. 

Treating rage and wounds takes only 3 to 6 months, which will lead you to feel quite comfortable. However, it takes a couple of more years to build happiness ability and prevent the recurrence of post traumatic stress. You must keep treating your condition even after rage and wounds subside since you may develop wound dissociation as you feel comfortable and begin to get immersed into objects of pleasure.

As you focus on therapeutic tasks without focusing on Mind Training, you are highly likely to develop addiction and become a pleasure seeker. It cannot be too emphasized that you must form and internalize the right habits in the unconscious through Mind Training until you build happiness ability.

Infidelity Therapy is an innovative therapy based on the Theory of Mimind and Xesmind that explains the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. Completing Infidelity Therapy will definitely make you restore healthy psychology and build happiness ability. 



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