Free Consultation on Remarriage

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Date 2021-10-31

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Free Consultation on Remarriage

 [Free Consultation on Remarriage]

Those who have taken or are taking KIP Psychology Treatment for Type 2 Psychological Disorders are considered to have already begun the process of becoming happy, so they simply need to make inquiries on remarriage through [Self-check & Questions] on the homepage. Free consultation on remarriage is provided for those who have not started the treatment process. 

The free consultation on remarriage provided by KIP is not legal consultation. Those who need legal consultation may have to seek advice from lawyers. KIP provides consultation for anyone who suffers from psychological pain and difficulties due to issues regarding remarriage. We will do our best to guide you to solve practical problems and find the way to achieve happiness in a true sense. Especially, those who have difficulties with relationship with children and other family members may greatly benefit from taking KIP free consultation. 

Please, send us an e-mail providing the following information for free consultation on remarriage. You will receive a written report on the result of consultation in a few days. We will guide you to correctly address the issues regarding remarriage with adequate concepts and strategies based on accurate understanding of human mind and psychology.

                       * Send your e-mail to : 

[Application form for free consultation on divorce]

* Title of your e--mail : Application for free consultation on remarriage

                         (Your name or a pseudonym)

1. Personal Information:

   1) Name (Pseudonym) : 

   2) E-mail address: 

   3) Country / Region of Residence:

   4) Gender :

   5) Age of yours and your spouse's :

   6) Period of marriage or living together in the first marriage of yours and      

      your current partner's:

   7) Period of staying alone after divorce of yours and your current partner's

   8) Period of dating with the current partner before remarriage

   9) Period of remarriage or living together :

   10) Number of children/ their age & gender : 

   11) Other experiences of psychological difficulties :

2. Points of inquiry : 

3. Points of request : 

4. Questions : 


1. Please, include facts about you in a simple way. 

2. Include what happened, how things progressed, how things are going now 

    for '2.  Points of inquiry'.

3. Include any requests for '3. Points of request'.

4. Include general questions you may have for '4. Questions'.

* You may be provided with a more detailed report when you provide more detailed facts. 

* Send your e-mail to :

[About free consultation on remarriage]

Free consultation on remarriage of KIP guides people who are suffering from psychological pain and difficulties after remarriage to wisely solve practical problems regarding remarriage and achieve happiness. 

Korea Institute of Psycho-education provides free consultation on remarriage based on the Theory of Minind and Xesmind. It analyzes causes of problems before remarriage, during remarriage process, and after remarriage, and provides you with important guidelines for properly addressing the issue of remarriage.

In cases where it applies, psychological problems and psychological disorders are differentiated, and different solutions are suggested for individual cases. It also informs you of treatment and prevention methods of related psychological problems and disorders.

Conventional consultations on remarriage tend to focus mostly on general counseling on dating and marriage, which leads to unhappy life after remarriage with distorted psychology negatively affecting even children. We aim for fundamental mechanism of remarriage being known to as many people as possible and for guiding people in pain and suffering to restore healthy psychology and true happiness instead of getting lost in the midst of misguiding information and knowledge and ruining their life.

[Points to be included in the report of consultation]

- Analysis of fundamental causes of problems regarding remarriage

- Causes of present pain and suffering

- Points to be noted when you attempt to resolve the issue

- Expected results when the issue is not resolved

- Expected results when the issue is resolved

- Directions and methods of resolving the issue

- Directions and methods of achieving happiness

- Answers to other questions regarding psychology of remarriage

[Recipients of free consultation on remarriage]

- People who want to get out of the present difficult situation and become 


- People who suffer from problems with the current spouse

- People who suffer from problems with children

- People who suffer from difficulties in relationships after remarriage

- People who cannot get into romantic relationships after remarriage

- People who suffer from sex problems after remarriage

- People who feel psychological difficulties without specific reasons after 


- People who experience insomnia or psychogenic illnesses after remarriage

- People who experience psychological disorders (depression, panic disorder, 

   addiction, etc) after remarriage

- People who experience severe psychological disorders (relationship addiction, 

   post traumatic stress, bipolar disorder, hysteria, intermittent explosive 

   disorder) after remarriage

- People who have worries and difficulties after remarriage but cannot find 

   adequate information or advice

Most people think that they will become comfortable and happy after remarriage as they start fresh with their life. They never imagine that their psychological problems keep getting aggravated due to the accumulated psychological wounds and should be manifested after remarriage making their life even more unhappy than before remarriage. 

It is true that you become comfortable and happy temporarily when you remarry and start fresh. However, your accumulated psychological wounds and added wounds during remarriage are manifested sometime after remarriage and make you live an unhappy life. Also, children develop psychological problems after parents' remarriage in most cases adding more burden onto you.

Many people do not sense their deep wounds and don't know what to do when problems occur in their life or with their children. In the mean time, their psychology deteriorates even further making things even more serious. Then, you may look for solutions and seek for advice through diverse channels. They are all right and may be helpful in some situations but again, your psychological conditions keep getting aggravated in the process. 

Conventional wisdom around the world tends to focus more on practical solutions than on psychological problems of remarriage and does not provide restoration methods of healthy psychology regarding remarriage and prevention methods against further psychological problems. Regardless of individual circumstances, you must restore healthy psychology to be able to live happily after remarriage.

Free consultation on remarriage of KIP provides you with accurate understanding of the mechanism of psychology in remarriage so that you can find the right path for happiness regardless of your marriage status. When you have a strong will power and make continuous efforts for your happiness, you will be able to achieve happiness in a true sense even if you feel that you are at the lowest point in your life at present. 

You will receive the result report provided by KIP regarding your situation and guidelines for future actions. You will find that the result report of KIP is more accurate and systematic than any other one even though it is free of charge. You will learn why you had to go through such a difficult time without being able to see the whole picture. You will find that you can become happy again by restoring healthy psychology and taking adequate actions. 

Thank you. 

[Korea Institute of Psycho-education & Japan Institute of Psycho-education]

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