Things to consider when you start Infidelity Therapy

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Date 2021-11-12

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1. Please, start Infidelity Therapy only when you have strong will power to treat wounds, restore psychology, and build happiness ability. Only you can treat your condition and build happiness ability. No one has the right to control your mind. Even psychology experts cannot and must not have power over your mind. You will only develop dependency when you seek psychology counseling for treatment of psychological disorders. 

2. Please, start Infidelity Therapy after you stop or finish counseling, coaching, or other religious or educational programs. Many programs contribute to deepening wounds and aggravating psychological disorders. You may also develop self-conviction and wound dissociation in the process. Taking Infidelity Therapy and other programs simultaneously may interfere with treatment causing wound dissociation and aggravation of the condition. You may take medication when symptoms are too severe, though.

3. The contents of Mind Training and those of reference materials are completely different. You will learn about the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology in Mind Training so that you can treat your wounds, restore psychology, and build happiness ability. On the other hand, reference materials provide information from the analysis of specific phenomena based on the contents of Mind Training. Dependency on reference materials will make you feel comfortable temporarily but contribute to aggravating your condition. 

4. You must follow the procedure of Infidelity Therapy exactly as directed. It is easy to get immersed into your own thought in the process of studying and doing therapeutic tasks on your own. As you deviate from the instruction and do as you please, you will slow down the process of treatment or even aggravate the condition. 


5. It is natural that you go through changes of emotions in the process of taking Infidelity Therapy. Many training members get confused when they go through different states of emotions during the process. When wounds are treated, you may feel the void of emotions and then, you may feel comfortable. You may become inclined to do things as you think and develop a conviction that you can just stop the program and live a happy life. Or, you may feel that you can live perfectly well after getting separated or divorced as soon as possible. 

You must continue all the procedures of Infidelity Therapy until you complete wound treatment and psychology treatment and build happiness ability. Then, you will not suffer from wounds and psychological disorders for your whole life time. 

Infidelity Therapy adopts an innovative and powerful self-training method so that you can build your own ability to treat wounds, restore psychology, and prevent recurrence of psychological disorders. Please, do not hesitate to take Infidelity Therapy if you have strong will power to live happily after treating wounds and restoring psychology. 

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