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The miserable life of an adulteress

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Date 2021-10-30

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When husband infidelity is discovered by the wife, the wife experiences great suffering of post traumatic stress and develops extreme rage. She may develop a strong urge to get even with the husband and the adulteress. Her condition of post traumatic stress may lead her to want to commit infidelity and become an adulteress herself. Such dangerous desire is a signal that the wife is in post traumatic stress that requires treatment immediately. 

The adulteress is in relation addiction, which is a type of psychological disorder. When her relationship addiction is not treated and progresses, her mind takes the course of perishment. In the first stage, she is addicted to getting attention from the adulterer and develops wound dissociation. She provides the man with pleasure, usually including sexual pleasure, in return for getting attention and consolation and mistakes it for love and happiness.

In the second stage, she develops the conviction that she is truly in love with the adulterer. Now, she gives the adulterer not only pleasure but also everything she has in return for the adulterer's attention and consolation. Now, she cannot but proceed to the third stage unless proper intervention for treatment is implemented, which she would most likely refuse. 

In stage 3, she develops hysteria that is displayed when she cannot get attention and consolation from the adulterer or the adulterer's attention is directed to other people such as another woman or his own family members. She displays extreme rage upon hysteria being triggered by some negative stimulation, and then, reinforces her conviction of love by pursuing more intense pleasure and providing the man with more of what she has. Her hysteria displayed by extreme rage and irrational behaviors can become serious enough to ruin the adulterer's whole life along with his career, business, reputation, and family. 

In stage 4, she may get other people involved to achieve her goal for pleasure and selfish purposes causing people around her to develop relationship addiction, too. Her display of rage and hysteria becomes extreme upon even the slightest trigger. She may even get involved in crime cases. 

When the victimized wife who is in post traumatic stress develops relationship addiction and becomes an adulteress, she is considered to have a psychological disorder in all three components of psychology, which are perception, memory, and expression. The time taken for women with relationship addiction to progress from stage 1 to stage 4 is usually years, but the time taken for women who develops relationship addiction on top of already existing post traumatic stress can be less than a year. 

The wife who does not treat her post traumatic stress is highly likely to develop relationship addiction since she carries such powerful negative energy inside her that operates for being compensated by the equivalent level of positive energy. Of course, women who have active social life are more likely to develop relationship addiction than women who mostly stay at home alone, since they have more opportunities to get attention and consolation from men. It is absolutely crucial for the wife who suffers from post traumatic stress due to husband infidelity to redirect her life path so that she can continue to pursue her own happiness in an adequate way regardless of her husband's psychological condition.



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