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The willpower to restore healthy psychology and marriage relationship

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Date 2021-11-01

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No one else but the victimized spouse can sense the excruciating psychological pain of post traumatic stress caused by spouse infidelity. The victimized spouses may blame themselves or their spouses for their suffering. Many people do not even realize that their pain comes from post traumatic stress and aggravate their pathological condition by trying to solve the problem in wrong ways. 

Not many people know that the spouse in infidelity has developed relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. They assume that they have problems of marriage, love, and sex, and try to solve those problems by taking practical measures. They even develop the absurd idea that the spouse in infidelity may come back to senses and be able to recover their condition and save their marriage. Both the spouse in infidelity and the victimized spouse have developed psychological disorders, to which the method of self-recovery by conscious effort cannot be applied to achieve cure. 

Many people think that they want to treat and recover but not many people have the willpower to make efforts and go through the long and hard process. Not many people understand that the happiness of life is valuable enough to make all their effort to achieve, and they may have to pay with their whole life for giving up and collapsing upon spouse infidelity. Not many people understand that it is their spouse who caused their condition of post traumatic stress, but it is only themselves who can treat their condition by gearing up to exert their willpower and making efforts. 

A small number of people seem to learn the fact that they have developed post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity, and their spouses have developed relationship addiction. They may also learn that the first thing to do is to treat their post traumatic stress on their own, and then, can make practical decisions on their marriage relationship and other practical matters.

As you look for adequate treatment methods of post traumatic stress, it is important that you judge and determine on the right methods since there are so many incorrect information available. Even so called experts and professionals provide wrong information and inadequate treatment methods, out of the lack of knowledge or their own selfish purposes.

Also, any treatment method that sounds too easy or leads you to comfort and pleasure immediately without making efforts or taking time is considered to be not only ineffective but also detrimental. Normalizing psychological condition after experiencing post traumatic stress takes a couple of years of making efforts to realign the operation of the unconscious and prevent the recurrence of the symptoms. Post traumatic stress is as serious a condition as a cancer in your body. If you try to treat a cancer by adopting the method for treating a mild cold, you cannot but waste time and effort and aggravate the condition. 

Some people choose to do their best to recover themselves regardless of their spouse's condition or the current marriage relationship. They are considered to have strong willpower for restoring healthy psychology and happiness. They usually try hard to find the right way instead of easy ones. They have the strong willpower to complete the process making efforts and taking time, and they take actions to start treatment without waiting too long. 

On the other hand, people who do not have the willpower for the restoration of happiness in a true sense look for easy ways or just stay where they are. They may endure the difficult situation without hope and make excuses for not being able to do anything. They may blame themselves or others. They may adopt only practical solutions such as lawsuits, retaliation, or divorce. They may seek pleasure or get immersed into diverse activities to compensate for their psychological pain. 

Please, check for your current condition by referring to the provided descriptions. You may have the willpower to restore your psychology and happiness making efforts and taking time, and look for the right way to achieve a complete cure. Or you may opt for seemingly easy ways that will eventually ruin your whole life, or deny or suppress your serious condition and aggravate the situation. We hope that you belong to the former category and keep up with your willpower for happiness of yourself and your loved ones in a true sense.



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