The policy of prohibiting members from uploading their stories or opinions to be shared with other members.

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Date 2021-11-04

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The policy of prohibiting members from uploading their stories or opinions to be shared with other members. 

Some members complain about not being able to upload their stories and opinions on the home page and not being able to read about other members' stories and opinions. Sharing your stories and exchanging opinions with other members interferes with and slows down your treatment process. 

Many other on-line communities related with infidelity let members share and exchange their ideas freely. They exchange information and provide advice and consolation. They may also provide counseling on psychology since they do not know that such activities contribute to aggravating psychological conditions of everyone involved. Many people say that sharing their writing about pain and suffering makes them feel better and it is helpful to listen to other people's advice. However, unfortunately, such activities can be quite dangerous. 

1. Getting other people's advice does not help solve your psychological problems. Any advice is highly unlikely to accord with your own situation and can be distorted, which may cause even more serious problems. It is quite irresponsible for anyone to give advice to people regarding important matters of life. You are the only person who can take responsibility for your life. You yourself must find the right way to treat post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity and other psychological disorders in order to solve your problems.

2. Your personal information may be disclosed in the process of sharing stories or opinions in the homepage. You may inadvertently include personal information in your writing such as your age, gender, family structure, career, place of residence, and so on. 

Such information may be abused by other people. 

3. Considering the characteristics of the home page, you will naturally have to expose and share issues of your private life such as sexuality, infidelity, and couple relationship, which is not recommended at all with respect to your psychology treatment and other practical matters. 

4. Some people may just use your stories and opinions of pain and suffering as a form of entertainment. Such attitude will reinforce the wrong mindset about sexuality, infidelity, and relationship. It is not right to perceive other people's pain and suffering as a source of entertainment.

5. Sharing stories and opinions and exchanging information and advice may guide many people to develop the wrong idea that such activities are helpful to maneuver through the path of despair and predicament. Forming rapport of any type only aggravates psychological conditions of people who have psychological disorders. You must work on your own in order to restore healthy psychology and build happiness ability. 

The only important people in overcoming the problems of infidelity are your spouse and yourself. Infidelity Therapy of KIP will provide you with a right treatment method of post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity and direct you to a right path for true happiness. 

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