How to address the issue of wife infidelity

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Date 2021-11-09

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How to address the issue of wife infidelity


Many husbands suffer from post traumatic stress due to wife infidelity. 

Intense stress continuously operates in husbands with post traumatic stress and many of them try to solve the problem to no avail. 

Making efforts and spending time and expense in wrong ways will only accelerate the process of breakup of family and marriage 

and produce additional problems such as violence and crimes. 

Avoiding the situation through getting a divorce, expressing rage through violence, or enslaving the wife for revenge 

does not solve the problem but only destroy their own and their family's life all together. 

You must follow the procedure provided below to prevent the worst situation, treat your condition, and live happily. 

Phase 1. Treat post traumatic stress.

   1) All 4 components are equally important. (Infidelity Therapy)

        - Mind Training (Understanding the operational mechanism of mind and    

            psychology, Treat psychology and build happiness ability)

        - Therapeutic tasks (Remove stress)

        - Self-check on progress 

        - Viewing reference videos

   2) Things you must not do since they aggravate the condition.

        - Infidelity counseling, psychology counseling, couple counseling, 

         dependency on religion, immersion into viewing reference videos

        - Lawsuit, divorce, violence, revenge affair

        - Immersion into work, hobbies, study, lectures, books, etc.


When the husband treat his post traumatic stress and reach enlightenment, 

he can live happily with stable psychology regardless of the wife's condition. 

Phase 2. Provide the wife with the opportunity to restore healthy psychology.

    1) The wife needs to see the husband recovering and realize that she also has problems and needs treatment. 

    2) The wife needs to have hope for recovering the relationship and happiness.

    3) The wife needs to build the will power and make efforts for treatment. 

* The effective treatment of wife's condition is impossible when the husband forces the wife to take the treatment,

   when he suggests treatment without treating himself, or when the wife does not understand the need for treatment.

Phase 3. Live happily.

    1) When phase 1 and 2 are completed. 

         - Marriage relationship is restored. 

         - You can live as a happy couple. 

         - Infidelity does not recur. 

    2) When phase 1 is completed but phase 2 is not. 

         - The husband can restore healthy psychology and live happily with children. 

         - The husband has the ability to cope with the practical situation. 

           (lawsuits and divorce possible) 

         - The husband can live happily even after a divorce. 

         - The husband never commits infidelity. 

* In this phase, the husband needs to have the adulterer take the legal, social, and moral responsibility and pay for his wrongdoing.  

* When the husband does not complete phase 1, he is highly likely to become an adulterer and ruin his life. 

* It is ideal to proceed with phase 1 and 2 simultaneously, but the husband must start phase 1 when the wife does not want to treat herself. 

* It is impossible to treat the wife when the husband does not treat himself first. 

  Then, the wife loses the opportunity for treatment and the couple cannot restore marriage relationship and happiness. 

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